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Water-cooled resistor

Product introduction:
Water-cooled resistors are increasingly used in ships, oil rigs, floating cranes, various vessels, and all kinds of electrical applications such as main propellers, bow thrusters, driving winches and hoists, cranes, lifts, conveyors and jacks, cable laying and tensioning machines. Electric drive is used as a reliable regenerative and dynamic braking system, to complement or replace the traditional mechanical braking system.

Xi'an Shendian adopts high-power water-cooled resistor which is designed and manufactured as per ceramic resistor, with high impact resistance, high voltage-withstand level, water-electricity separation. The overall seismic performance of the product meets the requirements of military standard GJB150.16A-2009.

Water-cooled resistor can adopt metal or ceramic resistor element.

Classic case


High voltage high energy ceramic water cooling resistance for Naval Engineering University