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The enterprise concept is the spirit of the enterprise, the core of the enterprise culture, and the requirements for all the employees, so that the enterprise will be invincible wherever and whenever it is. Anything can be changed, only this kind of spirit can't change, keep the soul, keep the enterprise, and the enterprise can live forever. After a hundred years of sustainable development of the enterprise thinking, the concept of enterprise for the common pursuit of excellence!

An enterprise, if managers and staff are very fruitful, not the development of enterprises for what reason? Excellence is dynamic, not constant, so all the staff should be in constant pursuit of excellence. The so-called "common" refers to the three aspects of the enterprise's managers, employees and customers. The fixed pattern of thinking, recognizing the limitations of the idle state of mind, is a fundamental reason for the collapse of enterprises.

The decision-makers must constantly negate themselves, surpass themselves, be full of passion, rely on the group, and seek development in the innovation. Be brave to bear the spirit and meat of the enterprise. Employees should strive to improve their sense of responsibility, professionalism and their own quality. Excellent completion of their own work, in the work to cultivate themselves, improve themselves, in the development of the enterprise to make it possible to improve. The products and services that the enterprise provides to the customers are always first-class, and try to contribute their strength to the development and expansion of the customers. In the development of customers, build up their own brand.

The common pursuit of excellence is also a declaration. Whoever does not work effectively, no matter who, no matter how much it has contributed, must be eliminated. Everyone has a sense of crisis so that he can be in a state of skill. Looking back, everything has been drawn up. Look forward, today is just beginning, let us - --- common pursuit of excellence!