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Starting resistor

Starting resistor applies to the prevention against the damage to power grid and equipment caused by multiple impulse current generated at the start-up of SVG, STATCOM and flexible DC transmission system. The starting resistor can effectively reduce the starting current of the equipment (transformer and motor), to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. The resistor will be cut off by the bypass switch after start-up. For the systems with rectifier cell at the rear, the starting resistor limits the charging current of the power grid to the DC storage capacitor of the submodule, preventing the converter valve and related equipment from being subjected to energy impact from high-current stress and high-current variation and ensuring the safety of the equipment.

The starting resistor can be metal or ceramic resistor. Ceramic resistor selected by Xi'an Shendian is the product of HVR INTERNATIONAL LTD, an internationally renowned manufacturer which has produced ceramic resistor for over hundred years. The resistor is featured by small size and strong resistance to large current impact.

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