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Loading resistor

Product introduction:
Loading resistor is used for finished machine acceptance, berthing test, load test, sailing test, generator ex-factory test, static voltage characteristic test, overload protection test, reverse power and reverse current protection test, parallel operation test and other tests of shipbuilding industry.

The methods of measurement and control of the product include manual button, PLC, remote touch panel, IPC and other intelligent measurement and control. Dedicated measurement and control software is used for load control and data processing, and it can automatically collect, store and manage the various electrical parameters, and automatically generate various forms, curves and standard test reports. Its functions include over-voltage & overload protection, short-circuit protection, over-current protection, over-temperature protection, wind pressure protection, and emergency stop device. Cooling modes are natural cooling and forced air cooling (optional). The outer box is of portable / removable / fixed / container structure (optional).


Portable analog load test resistance


Analog load test resistance of power plant generator set