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Crowbar resistor

Product introduction:
Crowbar resistor is mainly used in low voltage ride-through technology of wind power inverter. It is used in the rotor side of the wind driven generator to lock the excitation converter of doubly-fed induction generator and enable the bypass protection device (release resistance) of the rotor circuit to operate when the voltage drop caused by grid system fault is detected to limit the current flowing through the excitation converter and the over-voltage of the rotor winding, so as to maintain the fault ride-through of the generator and prevent against extra-high voltage of DC bus and excessive current of the rotor.

Crowbar resistor of Xi'an Shendian is made of high-quality stainless steel alloy grid. The resistor has a novel structure and excellent thermal performance. It can absorb a large amount of energy during a short time and can withstand repeated energy shocks. The resistor and the housing are made into a whole with a special structure. The overall structure of the product is solid and strong, highly resistance to physical impact.