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SDB resistance-capacitance over-voltage arrester

Product introduction:
SDB resistance-capacitance over-voltage arrester is a new over-voltage arrester (Patent No.: 00226565.6, 201620130687.5) developed by Xi'an Shendian, having the advantages of metal-oxide surge arrester and resistance-capacitance absorber. It not only can reliably prevent against the damage caused by lightning impulse, but also can effectively reduce the impulse steepness and amplitude of witching over-voltage, providing more reliable protection for the normal operation of high-voltage electric motors, transformers and other electric equipment. It is greatly favored by users. The product is equipped with oil-immersed capacitor which is dedicated for high-voltage system, with high voltage resistance, less dielectric loss, and reliable performance. The resistor is a high-power noninductive resistor, with high heat capacity, low temperature rise, and stable resistance value. With unique structure, the arrester effectively uses and reduces the occupied space. It has been used by Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation, Jiangsu Delong Nickel Industry Co., Ltd., Panzhihua Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd., Baotou Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd., Taiyuan Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd., Fujian SanSteel (Group) Co., Ltd., Fujian Yongxing Special Stainless Steel Co., Ltd., Handan Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. and other well-known steel companies. It has gained the enormous popularity of the users.

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