Porcelain-housed arrester for 0.22kV ~ 330kV system

Product introduction 
The resistor is non-linear metal oxide resistor that is independently developed and produced by Xi'an Shendian and advantaged by fast response, flat variation of positive volt-ampere characteristics, low residual voltage, high impulse current withstand level and low power consumption. All the valve blocks are selected and tested via square wave to ensure that each valve block is qualified. Porcelain housing is the product of well-known brand, with high mechanical strength, longer creepage distance, excellent electrical insulation performance, strong dielectric strength, tracking resistance, high- and low-temperature resistance and sandstorm resistance. The multi-sealing structure of the housing provides high sealing performance and long service life. Featured by reliable protection performance and stable operation, the porcelain-housed arrester is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with GB 11032 and takes a leading position in the similar products in China. It is widely used in 1,000kV Southeast Shanxi - Nanyang - Jingmen UHVAC Pilot Demonstration Project of SGCC, Anhui-to-East Electricity Transmission Project (from Huainan to Shanghai), 1000kV UHV Electricity Transmission Projects (including North Zhejiang - Fuzhou, West Mongolia - South Tianjin, Yuheng - Weifang and Ximeng - Shandong), and ±800kV Hami- Zhengzhou UHVDC Electricity Transmission Project.

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