Polymer-housed arrester for 0.22kV ~ 330kV system

Product introduction 
Polymer-housed metal oxide surge arrester is a scientific achievement combining the advantages of organic insulation materials and porcelain-housed arrester technologies. Therefore, it not only has the advantages of porcelain-housed arrester, but also has other advantages, such as good electrical performance, strong dielectric strength, tracking resistance, high- and low-temperature resistance, aging resistance, sandstorm resistance, explosion-proof performance, sound chemical stability, and hydrophobicity. The housing is made of high-quality silicone rubber, and formed by one step with integral moulding and curing process, with high sealing performance and long service life. The polymer-housed arrester is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with GB 11032 and takes a leading position in the similar products in China. Featured by reliable protection performance and stable operation, the polymer-housed arrester is widely used in the major projects of State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) and China Southern Power Grid Company Limited (CSG), including the following SGCC's projects: 1,000kV UHV Southeast Shanxi Substation of 1,000kV Southeast Shanxi - Nanyang - Jingmen UHVAC Pilot Demonstration Project, Extension Works of 1,000kV Nanyang Switching Station of 1,000kV Southeast Shanxi - Nanyang - Jingmen UHV AC Pilot Demonstration Project, South Hami Converter Station of ±800kV Hami- Zhengzhou UHVDC Electricity Transmission Project, 750kV East Lanzhou Station, 500kV Beijing Shunyi Substation, 750kV Gansu Baiyin Substation, 750kV Shaanxi Baoji Substation, 750kV Shazhou Substation, 750kV Qinghai Qaidam Substation and 500kV Baoji - Deyang DC Electricity Transmission Project, as well as DC De-icing Project of 500kV Hechi Substation of CSG EHV Power Transmission Company, DC De-icing Project of 500kV Anshun Substation of Guizhou Power Grid Company and 330kV Sanxing Substation in Xi'an High-tech Zone.

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