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MOV voltage limiter for series compensator

Product introduction:
The resistor of the voltage limiter is the metal oxide resistor that is independently developed and produced by Xi'an Shendian and is the only single-chip resistor of 4,000A 2mS rectangular impulse withstanding current in China. In the case of the same energy absorbed by the product, less parallel columns are required. Xi'an Shendian has current distribution testers of multi-column parallel arrester to ensure that the nonuniform coefficient of product current distribution is less than 1.03, much less than the standard requirement of 1.1. The energy absorption capacity of the product can be up to 10 megajoules. The components adopt multi-seal structure, with excellent sealing performance and long service life. With polymer housing, the arrester has the advantages of light weight, small size, convenient handling and installation, and less space occupied. It is designed as modular structure, and can be combined according to different demand.