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Expert panel of Turkish State Power Grid visited Xi'an Shendian for investigation and exchange.


On October 26, 2017, an expert panel of Turkish State Power Grid visited Xi'an Shendian for an in-depth exchange on the products and technologies ordered. The experts first listened to the introduction of Xi'an Shendian and its products, and then visited the showrooms and workshops, and conducted tests and inspections on damping resistor and its integrated units ordered for series compensation project. All the experts satisfied the test results and were impressed with the manufacturing process and company conditions.



Over the years, Xi'an Shendian laid a solid foundation for the cooperation between two parties with high-quality products and perfect services. Xi'an Shendian always believes in the philosophy of "Endeavor for Excellence, Pursuit of Perfection", insists on studying and advancing with the times, never give up any learning opportunity, keep continuous improvement, and enhance own strength. Turkey is one of the most important nodes in the strategy of the "Belt and Road Initiative" and is also an important cooperative partner for Xi'an Shendian to open up overseas markets. With Turkey's population growth and economic development, electrical energy has become one of the industries with the most potential for development. In the "Turkey -2023 Plan", the total installed capacity will be increased to 125,000MW. The visit of the expert panel of Turkish State Power Grid prompted the technical exchange and the further cooperation of two parties.

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